Monday, December 2, 2013

Seoul – Decisions, decisions, decisions!

On the 22nd year of our wedding, Hubs and I made our first ever twosome trip to South Korea for the first time, leaving the princess behind in Singapore.

Preparation for South Korea started as early as March. We chose China Eastern Airlines , via,  with a midnight departure from Singapore and a transit at Shanghai’s Pudong, so that we could touch down in Seoul by noon.

That was pre-Scoot days, where the same trip can be made to Seoul in almost the same time with a transit at Taipei for less. Nevertheless, CE has an ideal arrival time, right smack in the middle of the day so that hotel check in is no issue. Scoot on the other hand arrives at Seoul almost at midnight, which means a day less for the sights , plus accoms for that day.

Our accoms option was a guesthouse at Hongdae because the rooms come fully equipped with washer to boot! It is located in the hippest part of Seoul, on the wrong side of the university so that our sanity can be intact. The pubs and eating options were said to be numerous and English speaking folks aplenty. It also helped that the friendly response from the guesthouse was prompt and in pretty good English.

With flight and accoms out of the way, I began to fill the gaps of the 10 night trip : sights, trains, concerts, closing hours, tax refunds, out-of-bounds places etc.

At the time of booking, the exchange rate was about $1 : 890 won but by the time we departed, $1 was worth only 840 won. Either way, it would have been regrettable, so oh well!

Below are the resources that was used during the planning. They will keep popping out on subsequent posts but just in case, here’s a consolidation of where our help came from :

Bookings ( air / accoms ) :

Currency :
Tourism information :

Transport :

Weather forecast :

Concerts :

News :

Reviews and online help :

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